Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Post

So here is my first post on this Blog. I will make this one short and sweet just to let you know what my future post may in tale.

I will be posting a review for Charming Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice, It will be up about next Tuesday. I will give you a list of the books I am reading and future reviews as well. If I decide to do a certain Blog Hop that is coming up I will let you know as well. I have never done one before, so I am not sure how they work. Once I talk it over with the Host I will let you know what my giveaway will be.

Right now over at she is doing a Book Club on Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton. It is a great book and I am loving this book club.

I hope if anyone decided to read this blog, they also decide to read this book!