Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On my mind...

I know that I don’t have many people who check this out, but I figured maybe if you do happen to stop by you would answer this question for me.

I love to read different genres of books and not just stick to one. There are times when I do tend to read one genre for a time and other times, I switch it up almost every book. My taste range from historical romance to fantasy to historical fiction to  mystery and everything in between. I do this because I feel when I stick to one genre I am missing out on all the other adventures I could be having with different characters as well as the fact that sometimes when you stick to one genre the story lines can run the same course you just end up with different places, times and people.

How do you all feel about sticking to one genre? Do you like it or do you switch it up as well and what makes you?

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