Saturday, November 17, 2012

It’s Saturday!!!

 Today is Saturday, it is a day in my house that can be pretty entertaining and recently has brought some disappointments. To be a little more specific it is Football Saturday! My family watches Football every Saturday even when our team is not playing, we have plenty of other great teams to watch.What I love more than watching my team Win or even lose if it is a good game, is reading a book where they talk about college football and our team. By the way we are Tennessee Vols fans. I married into this Saturday tradition and I had no idea the kind of fun I was missing out on. My two year old daughter even knows what to do when she hears “ Rocky Top” and has been spelling V-O-L-S since she could speak. It had brought good times and the color orange into almost every room in our house and it takes over he majority of our closets as well.  If you are a AFC or ACC fan you know what I mean. Let me know what your team? Have you read any books that mention them or was a book that involved football? The few that I have read made me feel as thought I could connect better with the characters because we shared a common interest, they also made me wish I could turn on  the game and watch them play, I had to remind myself it was a book and I couldn’t watch them in there uniform. Ah, day dreams.

If any of you watch college football or have read a book that involves football. Tell me what you thought and let me know what it was so maybe I can check it out.

That is my rant for today. Now I must get ready for the game at 7pm tonight

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