Saturday, February 2, 2013


Every once and awhile I post a question on here in hopes that I am not the only one who feels this way. I have two today, first, I have just finished a book that made me pretty emotional at a point, because it reflected some points in my life that are not all warm and fussy. One of the sense that caught my attention was when a girl was asked to talk to her younger self, by envisioning the past. I thought that it was an interesting concept, I know that it is used in therapy but I have never been so it was a new concept for me. My question for you guys out there readying this is. What would be the advice you would give your younger self. Would it be inspirational, motivational, funny,warning? It could be anything and it doesn’t have to be deep. I just thought I would ask and see what you all thought.

Second, Am I the only one out there that gets emotional reading books? I mean I have cried (no shame) while reading more than one book. Have any of you? I feel as though that the seasoned reader does not get as connected and is more analyzing the book then feeling the book. When I am reading a book I want to feel that the book has real emotion and that it is believable. Now, I don’t need a book to make me cry to make me think it has a believable plot or characters, but it could be any range of emotion. While you are reading a book do you just take it for what it is, a story or do you let yourself feel what the other characters are feeling sometimes. Maybe I am just a little weak in the back bone when it comes to reading( I am ok with that). But I do hope that it is not just me. Care to share your thoughts?

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