Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who Voted today?

I know this has nothing to do with the books we love. But it could, what if we were in a world where we had someone who changed the way we learned History and made it to what they wanted.( Book review to come, on a book where someone try to do just that.) My question really is WHO VOTED today? Just wondering because today was the second time I have ever voted, I didn’t vote 4 years ago because I didn’t feel like doing anything that day. four years later I am a little older and have a family and decided I would today. Plus, my in-laws are very pro-voting and I even got a text while voting to make sure that I voted today. 
Good thing I waited till the last minute I didn’t have to wait in a 4 hour line like I hear Virginia did in places. I had no line at all.

A little side note, the Presidential inauguration is always on my birthday. Do you know that day? But this year it falls on a Sunday so it will be aired the following day. 

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