Monday, January 21, 2013

ARC Review: A Passion for Him by Sylvia Day

He wears a mask…and he is following her. Staring at her like no other man since Colin. But Colin is dead and Amelia believes she will never again shiver with pleasure, never again sigh his name.
Until her masked pursuer lures her into a moonlit garden and a single, reckless kiss. Now she is obsessed with discovering his identity. Perfectly attuned to his every desire, his every thought, she will not stop until she knows his every secret.

When I started reading this book, I didn't know that it was the thrid book in a series. However, I was able to follow the story without the background information. The book recaps enough so you dont have to read the first two books to understand Amelia's story.

In short:
Amelia lives with her sister and brother-in-law, who are notorious criminals. Lord Ware, has been Amelia's friend for six years now and everyone expects them to marry even they know it is coming one day, just slowly. Colin was the love Amelia's life, they grew up playing together, he was the newphew of a stable hand and there for was under her in class, but she did not care. Over time their love grew as did they, olin was three years older than Amelia and undersood he should not have dreams of being with her since he is just a stable boy. One night the house became under attack and Colin broke in to save Amelia and take her away, while riding away the unthinkable happens. Six years later Amelia is still heart broken at the loss of Colin and can't find it in herself to love anyone, not even Ware, she may love him as a friend but nothing else. Then one night when a stranger shows up at a ball, Amelia finds she has an intense attraction for the first time since Colin and maybe she can love again.

For me the book started off slow, and maybe that is because I had not read the first two books. I wanted more out of the charaters and the plot. Amelia's was always feel bad about herself and was just going along for the ride, after Colins death she pretty much gave up on living her own life, just what others thought she should do. I liked Ware as a character he always was trying to my Amelia happy, even while he was in bed with another. The supporting characters for the most part had their back stories in the first two books and i have a feeling in the book after this one as well. The sex was steamy and left you wishes you had a masked man in your bed. I liked that Day left the door to the bed room open for us and didn't just hit at what was going on behind the door. With the plot I just wnated there to be something more, it had a begining, middle and end to it but it moved fast and he middle wasn't as entertaining as I wanted, it just left a little hole.

I don't think this book is for everyone, you must like seamy sex, an uneven plot and duels. I would recommend reading the other books first to help with understanding the other charaters and maybe it will bring more joy from he book.
I recieved this book for my honest review from the puplisher through netgalley

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