Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Asher’s Dilemma

Asher's DilemmaAsher's Dilemma by Coleen Kwan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Asher has been having dreams of a woman he feel’s he knows but can not remember, struggling with this hunting image for weeks, Asher needs to find a way to remember her.

But Asher doesn’t have to look much farther, he his drawn to his invention that may be used to travel though time but is not ready yet. With the help of something beyond his powers Asher is brought back in time, and his memory of the woman is brought back as well. Finding that he has traveled 8 months back in time, he realizes he must act fast to figure out why 8 months in the future the love of his life does not exist anymore.

I enjoyed this book for the most part and I think I would have enjoyed it more had a read the first book. I still give this book 3.5 stars though.

There is plenty of adventure and the twist keep you on your toes. I fall in love with Quigley, even though I also enjoyed Asher. I like the fact that we get to see how one person can be almost a completely different person because of the events that have affected them as well as having the knowledge of the future. If you find time travel and love an enticing topic you should pick this novella and give it a shot, even if you haven’t read the first book, but I would recommend you do.

I received this book from the publisher though netgalley for my honest review.

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