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{Review} Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend by Louise Rozett

Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend (Confessions, #2)Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend by Louise Rozett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

" It's a Strange Feeling to be standing in a driveway at a keg party, fully clothed but soaking wet and wrapped in an oversized towel, talking-or not talking, as the case may be-to the guy who may or may not like you and who you haven't seen in months, who is standing next to your worst enemy, who may or may not be his ex-girlfriend. Throw in the pacing, wet victim of a Union High hazing and a few onlookers, and you've officially got a three-ring circus."

Summers almost over and Rose can't wait to go back to school, yeah right. If Roses freshman year was any indication of how her high school career is going to turn out, Sophomore year is no different, expect for the fact that she is learning more of who she is. Louise has written a series that is true to the life of high school. Not only is she getting into what it's like for us girls who weren't the most popular in school but she is also hitting topics like Sex, sexual orientation, bullying, abuse, love, and empowerment to name a few. Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend had me reliving my time in school and some of that was good and some parts brought back those days where school was not the place I wanted to spend my time, it had me wishing these books were around then.

Rose and her best friend Tracy start the year off by heading to a party, and we know how parties turn out of these two. This one is no different, Rose gets in the middle of the swim teams hazing and ends up in the pool herself. After of being avoided all summer by Jamie the guy she wishes was her boyfriend, she finally gets to see him when he pulls her from the pool. Of course, this doesn't just stay at the party and the school finds out and Rose gets to spend a lot of her time in the principals office this year. Teachers may be praising her for her actions Freshman year and hoping they can count on her this year, but does she really want to be noticed by the other students for telling on them again? Then theres Jamie, he may have said he is no good for her but he just can't stay away, whats a girl to do? But will he keep showing up when he finds out Rose is keeping something from him? Rose has a lot on her plate this year and she even is going to try out for the school musical because she found out she's a great singer and is pretty sure thats where her future lays. Will Rose be able to handle everything that is going on and figure out what the right thing to do actually is?  This year there is just so much going on for Rose and all the other characters it's hard to give you guys just a snippet of whats happening. But trust me that this book is just as good as the first. If you have lived through High School then you can relate to at least one person in this book. You wont be disappointed when you pick up Rozett's second installment in the Confessions series, I know I wasn't. I have this book four stars out of five because it hits on a lot of important topics and it shows you that you can do the right thing and still keep your friends.

I received this copy by the publisher through Netgalley for my honest review.

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